Create Top 100 Documentaries Site With React Hooks and Material UI

Feb 07, 2019 6 Min read

React Hooks, an awesome feature which is available in React v16.7.0-alpha, is able to simplify React state and lifecycle features from function components. Material-UI, a compact, customizable, and beautiful collection of components for React, is easy to make use of Material Design elements in React web or mobile applications. This post will cover the implementation of React Hooks and Material-UI to build a top 100 documentaries site. »

Create Personal PWA Site With Hugo and Webpack

Dec 26, 2018 7 Min read

Recently I went through the processing of creating my personal site, after reading a lot of excellent articles (most of them come from Google Developers and Medium) and comparing many famous static site generators (SSG), such as Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo and Gatsby, I decided to choose Hugo as static content compiler and webpack as global resource optimizer. When building the site, I tried my best to follow best practices, maximize code reuse and turn it into Progressive Web App (PWA) through Workbox. »